Some opinions, in no particular order

Waste of time

We live in a foolish world! I can’t stand it! I must speak out!

Announcing …​

The Journal of Financial Technology. Hurrah; the first dedicated academic venue for all your fintech-related research. And it’s free and open-access.

I’m a fraud, get me out of here!

Insecure? Feel stupid? Read this.

Notes on academic writing

Your ideas are immortal—if anybody can understand them. Not just a "how to", but personal notes on technical writing based on my own experience so far.

Love; habit; a plan: three elements of successful undergraduate study

Can’t get out of bed? Can’t concentrate? Can’t study? Love, habit, or a plan might help!

The private citizen and the database state

Databases can be bad! Jamie specifically identifies a dangerous case, with some attempt at justification!

Yoghurt (joghurt, yogurt, jogurt) and how to make it

I love yoghurt. It’s such nice, friendly stuff. I can’t resist telling you about it.

Stop the Clock

I like clocks, but not for telling the correct time. A Scotsman tells me that I’m not the only one.

Speed cameras: the greatest scam on earth

Pay a fine, encourage the downfall of Civilization As We Know It!

Stroking: sandwich critisism between two compliments

Stroke a colleague at work. Two tales of what went wrong when this was forgotten.

Student Overwork

Students forced to pay for own food! Read why this concerns me.


A slice of undergraduate life.

Guns 'n ammo

There’s nothing wrong with a gun — if you’re sure it won’t get pointed at you.

On fish, and the soul of the Liberal Democrats

About the May 3 elections.

Jamie the terror threat

I’m a dangerous man. Find out why.

Hoods and Gadgets

Complaint at a long-standing injustice done to yours truly.


Pulled in for questioning by the police.

Training and Education

The importance of University Education — with a capital ‘U’ and a capital ‘E’.